There have been a lot of sleep posts today and i'm beginning to seriously think we need to do some sort of sleep training and/or work on changing some bad habits that we've fallen into. This might get long and i applaud anyone who sticks through long enough to give advice. I just have no idea where to begin and i would love to hear some insights, experiences, and help from the hive.

Background Little Miss is 6 1/2 months old. She is primarily breastfed. She is a very alert baby, fights sleep and rarely nods off on her own. While home on Maternity leave she would typically sleep 10pm-5am, Nurse and sleep until 9-10am. At 3 months i went back to work and it has been one challenge after another - Adjusting to daycare and a new routine, illness, dropping from 50th to 25th percentile in weight, starting formula, teething, etc.

She does not nap well at daycare. They get maybe an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon and it usually in an infant seat if she falls asleep they've realized they cant move her into a crib or she'll wake up. She'll sometimes sleep the 45 min to and from daycare in the car. On mondays, my MIL watches her at our house and she'll sleep on her and the weekends are very unpredictable and we're often on the move - visiting my parents, running errands, etc

At night, we start our routine around 7:30 bath (some nights), diaper, pjs, swaddle, sound machine, nurse and rock and i put her down asleep.

For a long time, this has worked great she would easily sleep until 2-3am and go back to sleep until my hubs alarm went off at 5 and we'd nurse and doze in bed until i had to get up at 6. The last month or so, it has taken longer and longer for her to get into a deep enough sleep to put her down in the crib (like until after 9pm) and she'll wake up again within an hour or so and then wake every 2-3 hours until 4ish when i finally cave and bring her in my bed.

Before she would wake up eyes open and call out to me ("ahh ahhh ahh) now she cries but she seems like shes still asleep and her eyes are closed. Sometimes if i catch her early enough i can put the pacifier back in and she'll settle and go back to sleep other times i need to nurse and rock her.

My main issue is that i have a really crappy immune system and as soon as i go more than a few days with little sleep i get sick, then she gets sick and sleep gets worse. I'm currently battling a sinus infection and i've started bringing her in our bed earlier and earlier just so i can get more sleep. another bad habit i need to break. Even though i'm dozing its not good quality sleep.

Another problem is that as it gets warmer out i dont know how to comfortably dress her for sleep. This past weekend we got a taste of summer with 70 degree days and 60 degree nights. If we open her windows, we live on a busy street and that wakes her. We need to install a fan on her ceiling. She loves to be swaddled and sleeps better when she is but if i swaddle her she seems to get sweaty really easily. She's on the cusp of learning how to roll over back to belly and often breaks out of swaddle during the night. We also have two rolled up beach towels as bumpers from when we transitioned her from her RnP to the crib. Those need to go.