LO has been refusing to nap going on a week now. She's six months old and before this I could put her down after 90 minutes awake with her lovey, turn the white noise machine on, switch out the light and pat her for a minute and then walk out and she'd be out. She didn't necessarily take long naps, but at least shed nap for somewhere between 45 mins and an hour and 15 mins.

Now, she refuses to go down. I figured she was extending her wake time and waited for her tired signs to put her down, she'd yawn and rub her eyes, I'd do her nap routine and she'd just yell at her mobile (not cry, just shout and talk) for half an hour, occasionally rolling over and getting stuck at which point shed start crying. I'd go back in, flip her, pat her and shush her and shed be back on her stomach crying within two minutes.

I've been trying for this nap for forty minutes. She won't be nursed or rocked to sleep, she won't be worn down, she won't nap in her stroller. I just don't know what to do. I don't even know when to start her next nap when I finally give up and get her up. DH has come home to me crying every day.

I know she hasn't forgotten how to put herself to sleep because her night sleep is fine for the most part. I'm just about ready to do a full night routine for every nap at this stage as I'm all out of ideas.

Sorry for the novel. I just feel like an utter failure this week.