My 13 m.o. has FINALLY dropped her third nap. The big problem for us now is that she'll do short cat naps in the car on the way home from daycare and then refuse to go down until 8.30 or 9pm, which means she's only getting around 10/10.5 hrs sleep at night. She doesn't sleep great at daycare and I don't feel like 12 hours total sleep is anywhere near enough for her. On weekends she'll do 11 hours overnight plus two 1.5 hr naps.

She's a huge motion sleep fiend, despite the fact that she's been taking all naps since she was five months old in a crib. How can I keep her awake in the car? The only thing I can think of is to take her paci away from her, but I feel bad for poor DH doing the daycare run and dealing with her howling the entire way home.