DHs best friend is getting married on literally the opposite end of the country next May..I'm trying to decide if I should go or just have DH go alone. Since we are flying on points we have to decide soon.

On one hand, it would be a great vacation for DH and I in a beautiful area that I've always wanted to visit. On the other hand, LO will only be 8 months old and I'm not sure I will want to be away that long - since it is such a far trek we would go for 7-10 days to make it worth our while.

At this point I'm leaning toward going - my parents would watch LO (they live like 2 mins away) and he/she would be in great hands. Would you have been able to be away from LO that long at 8 months? Am I underestimating how hard it would be on me and/or the baby?