Anyone use alternatives to the fabric boxes for your cube shelf?

I have one of those BIG Ikea Kallax (the 16 cube one) and love it for toy storage. We have kids books, board games, and most of our toys stored in it. I got 8 of those fabric covered cardboard boxes for the bottom two rows. The lowest row has collections of things (duplos, trains, balls, misc little vehicles) and the kids are slowly destroying those. They pull them out and lay half in them while digging for the specific thing they want. The level of fabric boxes above them are fine because they are mostly things they have to ask to get out so the boxes stay put in the shelf 90% if the time.

DH thinks we should just wait a few years and get a new set of the same boxes and assume they won't have to practically lay in them to find what they want (right now they are 2 and 4). I want to find an alternative.

So, have you tried anything else? I don't want wood or metal that will scratch up the shelf. I was thinking rope basket, canvas basket, wicker basket... something along those lines.

These are some of the ones I have found. They are expensive to buy 4 without knowing if they will hold up any longer than the existing boxes.!860!3!295501432464!!!g!325572803721!&ef_id=V8y@NAAAAACh4wnq:20181010191319:s