We have had 2 dangerous situations in the last month happen with our parents. My mom watches my DS2 (19 months) one day a week and my ILs watch both boys (DS2 is 4) one day a week.

A few weeks ago my husband found a rogue pill on the floor of our living room. Turned out to be FIL’s blood pressure med. We were obviously upset by his carelessness and talked with both sets of parents and discussed storage safety, etc.

Tonight my husband found ANOThER pill on the floor next to toys in the living room! WTF? My husband texted a pic to my mom. She said it wasn’t hers. My ILs deny it is theirs. My husband researched what it is online and it is for a condition my mom has. Double WTF?!?! Why would my mom deny it?

Has anyone been in this situation? This is extremely serious in my opinion. I feel like our parents can’t handle this simple responsibility.