My first day back to work was overall pretty good- except for the fact that I only pumped HALF of what I need for LO.... Not sure what I am doing wrong. Luckily I have a good freezer stash but at this rate that will be gone in 39 days....

I work 3 full days (10a-9p) and 2 half days (4p-8p and 8a- 12p)
I pumped 5x yesterday (a long day) but only got a couple ounces during a couple sessions. I have been noticing my supply dropping a bit, I pump every night at 2am, and lately it's been getting less and less.

My goal was I bf till 6 months then reevaluate - I would make it this way- but I kinda wanted to extend that goal! I thought I would hate BFing and I actually really enjoy it and that time with my LO.

Any suggestions ladies?