So the last few night I have noticed I am pumping significantly less than I normally do, and I am not sure why. Nothing has changed except I haven't been eating oatmeal every morning for breakfast- I wonder if that can change my supply that much? I get up at 2 am to pump as LO sttn (he is 6 weeks) and I wanted to keep my supply up at night. Normally I pump around 4-5 ounces that last couple nights I am barely getting 3 and I am pumping for much longer at least 30 minutes. Is my body just starting to not like the pump and not producing as much? My LO drinks this while I am at work 3x a week for a couple hours- takes me 2 days to get enough for him to drink while I am gone (travel time/ work time I am gone about 5 hours) he gets 2 bottles. Luckily my job ends after next week for the summer- but I am staring to wonder if it worth my getting up (also I have started a freezer stash)