Part vent, part question:

We keep an extra pacifier at daycare for LO which he only uses at naptime, labelled with his name. Daycare has lost/misplaced it twice in the 2.5 months we've been going there, but they usually just tell us that evening that they couldn't find it and ask us to bring another one the next day. This morning, the director called at 9:45AM to tell me that LO didn't have a pacifier so he wasn't falling asleep, and can we bring a pacifier ASAP?

I'm mainly irritated that they lost the pacifier at some point overnight, that they didn't tell me about it until LO was having a meltdown (I could hear him crying in the background), and that I'm losing an hour and a half of work to go home & get a pacifier, go to daycare, then come back to work (and all of this only 45 minutes after I've gotten to work in the first place.)

Okay, vent out of the way. Question: How do you do pacifiers with daycare? Do you have one that you leave at daycare and if so, is there any way you keep it from being misplaced? Do you just bring it home every night?