We just started potty training my son (just turned 27 months) the Friday after Thanksgiving using the Oh Crap book/method. We had three mostly naked days at home which were very successful with pee, less so with poop (only one poop in the potty, he held it in mostly), but actually only one accident the whole weekend. We had told our daycare that we'd be starting beforehand and they were like, "that's great, we think he's ready". I guess my husband and I are kind naive, but we sent him to daycare commando on Monday morning, and they were like, "whoa whoa whoa, no way, he needs to be wearing a pull-up". We had brought some for nap time, so fine, they got one on him.

So all week he has been wearing pull-ups all day at daycare and the only difference between now and before we started potty training is that he's technically wearing pull-ups instead of diapers, and he is included in the big kids' trip to the potty once an hour, and I think they're encouraging him to tell them if he needs to go. I think he's been pretty good about pee and is frequently dry when there, but he's pooping in his pull-ups every day there (and yesterday apparently reached in and grabbed some poop--ugh, he NEVER did this before training).

Does this sound typical? I totally understand their plight, but I also feel like I'm sending him a really confusing mixed message when we put a pull-up on him before heading out the door each morning. Next week they're closed for their provider's vacation week so I'm hoping to make some headway having him start with undies at home.

Very curious how everyone else has handled this. Any tips for how to approach/explain to your kid? Do daycares even exist that will take a partially-trained/in-training kid in underwear?