I had finally figured out what all 3 of my kids were doing this fall and come to terms with each plan and of course now have another decision to make! I’ve posted about the decisions before, but my oldest goes to a private school, and will be going back full time. My 2 year old is going back to daycare. I was planning to homeschool my rising kindergartener and getting actually excited about it as he’s been really receptive to learning with me this spring and summer. I’d be homeschooling him for an hour or so in the morning and then working from home while he hopefully plays independently most of the day.

But what has now thrown a wrench in my sureness is that his daycare (where little brother will be going and where he just finished preschool) is opening a pre k class for kids who WOULD be in kindergarten but are either redshirting or just entering school as first graders next Fall. (K is not required here)

So now I’m super torn on what to do. On the one hand he’d love being back with some of friends, and since it’s daycare they can follow less strict guidelines than our public schools. Working from home with ZERO children home seems like a crazy dream at this point ha, but would certainly be ideal. But on the other hand, working with just one kid who is fine playing alone would be light years easier than what I’ve been doing. Its also that many more germs for another class of kids, and we’ll already have two classes worth of germs for my other two kids, and who knows if they’ll be able to stay open all year anyway.

What would you do in this situation? I feel like if I have to make another decision where there is no right answer I’m going to explode haha.