DS is almost 11 months old and has been in daycare since April. We are generally happy with it and he seems to like it there, but one thing is really annoying me and DH. The teachers in the classroom seem to be a revolving door. When he started, we were told the infant room has 3 teachers, and others float in and out during breaks. Within weeks, they started switching around the teachers and our favorite one moved to a different room. We became close with the replacement teacher, then a month or two later, she also moved. It's sort of unclear now who the actual 3 teachers in the class are because there are always random teachers in the room. When we do drop off and pickup, there are always two teachers in there but often they seem to be new or floaters and we are constantly introducing ourselves to new teachers. We don't even really know who the 3 designated teachers in the room actually are at this point. It just seems very random and as a result, I feel like the care for DS has declined. There is one lady in the room who has been there since he started, but she isn't even in there half the time we drop off or pickup. Would this annoy you? Is it typical for daycare to constantly move around the placement of teachers?