DS was born with a known heart defect four weeks ago and had surgery to fix it at five days old. As a complication of the surgery, he cannot eat without aspirating and has a nasogastric tube. He is on the schedule to get a g-tube at 7.5 weeks old (unless by some miracle he passes swallow study #3).

I spend 2.5-3 hours driving every week day to be with him in his hospital room and solo parent my nearly 3 year old on the weekend so OH can spend time at the hospital. I also spend 2-3 hours pumping (and DS is combo fed because I don't produce enough). I don't want to stay at the hospital because we tried that and DD did not respond well (nor did I!)

I will be having to extend my maternity leave by two weeks with vacation/unpaid time so I don't have to go back before he is out of the hospital.

I am currently so stir crazy. I don't know how I will spend four more weeks in a hospital room.

Any tips or words of encouragement?