I'm really struggling, and have been for a while, to deal with what I think is my husband's depression. I've been thinking a lot about whether staying with him is the right answer, so this is serious. I sat down today after a particularly frustrating morning and wrote down pros and cons of our relationship to just try to sort some things out in my own head. I am realizing that I think most of the cons are directly related to what appears to be depression.

My biggest concerns:
-Zero self esteem, comments regularly that "everything I touch breaks/is ruined." Believes everything he does is wrong and that he is a total failure. This is both horribly sad and also incredibly aggravating. It basically puts me in a position where I can't ever comment on anything or discuss anything that I want to change-it is always taken personally and I'm blamed for "being mad."
-No communication. If I try to talk about anything, I'm just "always mad" and the discussion ends there. Full disclosure, while I don't feel mad all the time, I am often frustrated because of the whole situation.
-Apathetic. Tired ALL.THE.TIME. Unmotivated to do anything around the house or property. However, perfectly happy to go away for a weekend to help his mom with her property.
-Needs endless sleep. We have a toddler, but she sleeps fairly well at this point and I just don't know how much more sleep he can get. He is always exhausted, to the point that he isn't interested in doing much when he's not working.

I've casually mentioned therapy a couple of times and basically he doesn't believe in it. He might be willing to take medication, but I doubt it. And either way, that would involve talking to someone about it.

Anyone with similar experiences? I'm not sure what I'm looking for here, just feeling lost and not sure what the right answer is.