Hi again!

DH in January will be responsible for droping DS off at his preschool. DS will be approximately 18 months going on 19months old!

The school is about 5-10 mins away. He will eat his breakfast there with his classmates(I will pack his breakfast and lunch) ahead of time with DH.

I’m looking for suggestions for my husband and what will help him in the morning.

He will be responsible for DS and the dog which needs to be fed and let out in the back.

I’m going to be at work so i can get DS early. Also if I can keep my schedule then DS isn’t there all day and week. I can do dinner/ bedtime routine etc!

Trying to get DS to sleep until 630/7am . He just started sleeping through the night. (However see previous post about that please). That would give DH time to get up and take care of himself before DS and doggie!

Any suggestions please?!

Who does Drop off in your house?

How can I help DH be confident he can do this? It seems like ppl have been negative ( his mom etc) that it’s “too much” . However, I do it and I know plenty of fathers who can get their kids ready at this age and younger etc. I applaud single parents etc and I know my husband can do it as I share that with him.