I guess this appears to be two questions, but I hear they're somewhat related. I've *heard* from some people, including my doctor, that it's good and wise to find out how my own mother's pregnancy progressed, and how the delivery went, all because this information might be relevant to my current pregnancy/future delivery, as if there is some sort of passed-down/hereditary component to it? I know my mother's experience is not going to be 100% my own, but I'm wondering if there is some truth to this based on your own personal experience. I can't speak for delivery, but my mother apparently didn't experience any morning sickness, and lucky me, I didn't get it either! However, my mother was past her due-date when she delivered me and had to get a C-section because I guess I was a stubborn baby and wouldn't come out in a reasonable amount of time. >_< So, late or early for you for your first pregnancy? I've also heard that first pregnancies tend to progress past the due date!