Around Christmastime, DH casually mentioned being interested in a drone. I ignored the request at the time because I (wrongly) thought they'd be super expensive, and to be honest, I don't think he put a lot of thought into what he would want his drone to DO - he just thought that messing around with something that flies, takes some pictures, and maybe could hold something little/lightweight sounded fun.

I've since realized that there are some pretty inexpensive entry level drones available, and I'd like to surprise him with a grown up toy for his birthday. I'm doing a bit of research on "beginner drones", but the lists are very much organized by what you specifically want your drone to "do"...and I don't really know/care!

Does anyone have a recreational drone they'd recommend? Looking very much for something entry-level - easy to control, does a few basic things, willing to spend around $100. THanks!