So while I was in the hospital for my c section, my parents stayed with my 2 year old, and I'm very grateful (guilt compels me to lead with this). Since we got home on Thursday, though, they've come over every day for at least an hour, usually more like 3, and they just sit and hold the baby while I clean up, make dinner for the toddler, etc. My dad always makes himself a rye and Coke and leaves the bottle, empty can, and glass on the counter. My mom has a pop or tea and the same, I have to put away the dishes. I had some internal bleeding and am supposed to be taking it easy, and I feel like they are only interested in being grandparents. The last straw today was when they came in, I was napping on the couch with the baby. I realized what time it was, and said that my husband and toddler would be home from gymnastics soon and I should think about lunch, and my mom said "Do you need a baby holder?" I need a tidy-upper, a garbage taker outer, a lunch maker, a dinner bringer, and a grocery shopper, but I have three separate baby items in my immediate eyeline that could serve as a baby holder!

Next weekend is Easter and I tried to say that it would be too much for us, but my mom said "no no, we'll make dinner and just bring it over." Then today she said that they would do that (although she has an attitude about it) "but we can at least use your oven to keep things warm, right? And I'll make the salad here." And I realized that it's going to me more of the same - even without cooking we're going to need all our dishes clean, and then to set the table, and clean up after, and portion out leftovers, and host people for several hours which means every time I want to nurse I have to go upstairs, which sometimes means abandoning a toddler who is cuddling me on the couch.

Anyway, this turned into a big rant but I guess my questions are does anybody else have this problem where visitors are just extra work? And how can I get out of Easter?