The "I'm so old..." post made me think of all these things. Do you remember where you were when some of the major news stories of the past few decades happened?

The Challenger explosion - 1st grade. I vividly remember my teacher's face when she rushed out of her chair (which was a feat, as she was "really old," ie probably 60, ha!) to turn off the tv!

The OJ verdict - the nurse's office at the elementary school. I was in high school but volunteering as an elementary school teacher's aide.

9/11 - College (2nd senior year). I'd just gotten out of the shower and was standing in our living room in nothing but a towel when the 2nd plane hit the South Tower

Barack Obama's inauguration - At work. I watched it in spurts in the family lounge on my floor at the hospital.

Columbine - College (junior year).

Bush/Gore election - College (1st senior year). I remember having an argument about it with my college roommate after we stayed up late watching the results.

Other major events that happened but I don't know where I was - Rodney King, USSR disbanded, Berlin Wall falls, OK City bombing...