My current doctor (doctor A) came highly recommended from other professional doctors. He is skilled in high risk surgeries but has a reputation of being a cutter. Meaning, he loves C Sections. He speaks of them very causally and has cut one lady six times. When I expressed my concern he was frank and said if he needs to cut he will and went on to say that laboring for more than six hours is too long and would require an intervention.

DH and I are uncomfortable with this so we tried out a new doctor yesterday (doctor B) who our friend recommended based on his caring nature. He immediately understood our concerns and did not agree with my current doctor's casual view of c sections. He also engaged us on a more personal level and explained so much more to us than my other doctor generally would. We both want to switch to him but he has a planned vacation which starts on my due date! He wants us to think it through before switching to him because I should be familiar with my doctor at delivery and there's only a 50% chance that he would be present. He suggested another doctor (doctor C) I could switch to but he could not vouch for her practices. I do have the option of switching to him and she being my back up doctor if I go into labour after he leaves for vacation.

So what would you do?
Please feel free to comment and give advice. I am 25w 5d and have had no complications thus far but it is getting late!

Thanks for any advice you have to offer!