So... I'm not sure how many people have to deal with this at the moment if they're TTC/pregnant/etc, but I'm sure many of you have been on BC in the past, so I'm curious... how does it affect your sex drive?

I've been on various forms of the pill for over seven years now. I honestly can't remember how my hormones were before I went on the pill, but currently, I almost NEVER am in the mood. I mean, I can certainly get in the mood, but it takes plenty of coaxing on my husband's part to get me interested.

I've heard that the pill and other types of BC can inhibit your sex drive and dampen your libido... I'm curious if other women found that to be true. I guess what I'm really looking for is confirmation that it's true, and that hopefully when I go off BC, I'll actually start watching to have sex! Please tell me that's what will happen!