Does your SO blame you for bad things that happen to your baby?

This is a rant but I also want to hear your experience.

My husband seldom helps me on baby chores. He only does it when he feels like it. I gave up on bugging him also. I take what I can get.

So just last weekend LO suddenly developed a fever 101-102.5, it comes on and off. DH started blaming me for not doing a good job, and not have mommy instincts (he had 2 consecutive water days at daycare, and I took him to the spray park with a friend on Saturday, which DH said this is probably why LO got sick). He also said that I wasn't on the same page with him, because he really doesn't want to install ear tubes into LO's ears (as if I wanted to), and that I am not doing everything to make sure he stays healthy. (ENT told us we can hold off on tubes for now, but if he got another ear infection we need to do it immediately).

This morning when I was brushing LO's teeth I saw blood on his gums. I panicked a little and I mentioned to DH. He asked, "Was it because you brushed too hard?" I really flipped. I feel like that's another blame saying I am not doing a good job. While he doesn't do anything (no bathing, clipping nails, brushing teeth, changing diapers, putting him to bed, feeding, baby laundry, washing baby dishes, none of that), he just sits on the sidelines and criticizes.

I am not sure what my question is but does this happen between you and your SO? Just very frustrated.