At what age did you start doing or hosting drop off play dates? What about drop off bday parties?

My older one is 5 and we have only done a couple of drop off play dates, with one girl she was good friends with at school, and whose mother I knew pretty well. My daughter can be a lot to handle so generally I would feel bad dropping her off and not being their to watch her behavior, but with this one girl she got along really well! She’s stayed at a friends house without me a couple other times but with one of my very good friends, as a big favor when i needed childcare in a pinch or something. Even my 3 year old did a play date without me but it was my friends helping out when I had to go to a funeral, not a regular thing.

And the 5 yo went to one drop off bday party, for our neighbors who were turning 6. I didn’t realize it would be drop off!