So - I just found out that Sept 1 my twins (4yo) will no longer nap at school.

I knew this day was coming...and pre-covid I figured we would lose nap time at the beginning of summer when they did a half day summer camp program for the month of july.....

So I get completely that I am on borrowed time.

I don't have any illusion that my kids will sit quietly in their room for an hour to give me any sort of sanity break during the day.

Any tips for dropping naps without utilizing quiet time?

Sanity of mom wise?
Sanity of kid wise?

We are at 1.5 hour naps...I'm thinking next week I'll get them down to 1 hour....

(We are home until 9/1)

So sad. I love naptime.

I'm going to soak up the snuggles when I wake them up.

The end of an era