So I started having pretty consistent contractions starting Thursday morning, went to work but by 5pm they were definitely not just Braxton hicks. I labored at home Thursday night and all day Friday until 7pm when Hubs and I decided to go to the hospital and find out if I was truly in labor. They monitored me for 4 hours and I dilated from a 1 to a 3 in that amount of time and got admitted! Contractions really picked up but I wasn't progressing. Around 5pm Saturday, my OB decided to try to induce labor and put in a foley bulb to help me dilate. After 3 days of contractions, I broke down and got an epi (oh sweet relief!) The bulb was taken out around 10pm and I was dilated to an 8!! I never made it this far with my first pregnancy. It is now 3am on Sunday and we are just waiting for baby boy to make his final way out!

This came as a total surprise since I am only 37w 4d!!