Today I got a call that my daughter was missing. LO's great grandma has been watching her at our house lately. She is 94, lives alone, catches the bus, cognition is still sharp and very strong willed and independent. So I am teaching a summer course and my Grandma rings and says LO is missing. She was in the back room and now she's not. She looked everywhere and even called to LO telling her that I was on the phone. No answer!! Just disappeared with no trace. I told her to KEEP LOOKING and hung up.

Thinking of all the million things that could have happen, I grabbed my purse as I flew out of the room and told my colleagues what happened.

Over thirty minutes later I neared the exit to my neighborhood and the phone rang. Lo had fallen asleep while hiding in the blanket. It really was super hard to see her as our duvet is very textured. It looked totally flat. She was super sweaty, still sleeping when I came home but fine. I was so relieved. Everything else in life seems like a piece of cake now that I lived through my scariest fear.