So I started a thread a few days ago entitled “false positive in FRRR” I got a super faint line in First Response Rapid Result on Monday, then proceeded to get more faint lines on Tuesday and Wednesday and a positive First Response Digital but negative Clearblue Digitals. Yesterday morning I got a positive Clearblue digital with fmu. I figured that since I finally got that digital positive that it meant I am for sure pregnant and all day yesterday we were so excited. We told family and friends and we’ve just been so happy. Fast forward to this afternoon at 11:45-ish when I took another Clearblue digital for peace of mind and thinking I’d definitely get another positive...I got a NEGATIVE. I then tested with two Amazon cheapies (Pregmate) and got suuuuper faint lines (which I thought would be stronger by now) and I got a faintly positive Clearblue with the lines. I’m confused and praying so hard that this is just because my hcg levels are lower in the afternoon. But I’m also wondering if this is a sign that I’m having a chemical pregnancy. If you have had a similar experience, please share! I’m honestly so freaked out right now and terrified that I will have to call family and friends to say that we are losing this pregnancy. Does this sound like a chemical or am I just still really early? Is it really possible to test positive on a digital one morning and then test negative the next day in the afternoon? This has not happened to me before and it’s making me sick to my stomach.