I’m so scared. Last month I went through an early miscarriage. I just found out I’m pregnant again (I got a positive Clearblue digital on Sunday) and I’ve gotten positives digital tests for the past three days. This morning I tested using a Pregmate test from Amazon and using fmu and there is barely anything there. I don’t have anymore digital tests so I am having more brought to my house, but I am already feeling sad. It feels like a repeat of what happened last month. The Pregmate tests haven’t seemed to be getting any darker over that past few days that I’ve been testing despite the positive digitals. Today is technically the day of my missed period, so I know it’s still early, but if I got a positive digital on Sunday I thought for sure my strip tests would be getting darker by now. I can’t get in to see a doctor until May 27, so I just feel so helpless and terrified. I haven’t started bleeding, but I keep checking because I feel like at any moment I’ll go to the bathroom and see red on the toilet paper. Photo is of my test from this morning at the five minute mark.