I just don't have it in me to fight one more battle Do you any of you all have experience with a nursing strike? I'd love to hear your stories.

I've never gone through this before. We nurse (with nipple shields - she has a shallow latch made worse by my forceful letdown). She's never seemed to have too much of a problem with nursing minus the latch issues. Every few days she's taken a bottle from my mom no problem. Two nights ago my mom gave her a bottle so we could take Lucy to the park and have one-on-one birthday time with her. When I got home she refused to nurse! Like freak-out screamed for 45 minutes any time I tried. I eventually got her to nurse after she was about 90% asleep. She nursed throughout the night, then in morning the same thing happened. I had to give her a pacifier and get her almost asleep before I could pop her on. The next go-around I just gave up and pulled out the bottle. Sure enough she happily accepted it. We did this all day yesterday. Overnight she's let me nurse her but I'm pretty sure we'll be back to battling again in the morning. I honestly think she just suddenly realized she likes the bottle better, but what can I do? I don't have the time or ability to cup/spoon feed her with a toddler that really needs my extra attention right now (or to get her sleepy each time). If she won't nurse she's getting a bottle, yet that seems to be the problem right there. I haven't changed my lotions lately, she's not sick or teething yet (10 weeks old), I'm not eating any new foods… I think it's just the bottle. I'm at a total loss

I would love any advice or just to hear your story. Were you able to get baby back to the breast?