Liv is going to be 5 months old this week and is EBF. On Saturday, she suddenly just decided to stop nursing, even for comfort and even when shes super sleepy. She gets mad and pushes me away and screams. The only thing that seems to work is at bedtime, bottle feeding her pumped milk in a nursing position then quickly taking the bottle out and having her latch on, but she will only do that if shes super sleepy and some of the times, she realizes what happened and gets mad. She has done this when she had ear pain from teething, but even then she WANTED to nurse, it just hurt her.

I doubt she is weaning herself as it is sudden and not gradual, but its emotionally killing me... We did have a lot of visitors this weekend, maybe thats it? I dont know. It could also be her preferring the flow of the bottle (shes on Tommee Tippee, still infant nipples to keep the flow slow.) Any suggestions though? I