I have had a super random, physically rotten, & confusing day ha! I'm 11 DPO & I feel like from about 9 DPO until 13/14 DPO when I finally start my period are always the absolute worst for me. I can handle the TWW until the very end, then I'm just like tell me already!!!! Ha.

Anyway, would love to get your feedback/insights cause I am lost!

This is my first full cycle doing acupuncture/herbs/cupping for fertility and I felt a *huge* change happen just in the two weeks I did it last cycle, no cramping with my period, etc. I really do feel SUPER positive that I'm going in the right direction- even if this doesn't lead to pregnancy itself!!

So today- because of that STUPID positive mindset ha- I let myself POAS, which I really try not to do and was so bummed to see it was stark negative Then I had one big drop of watery red blood when I wiped so I thought I was starting my period early & put on a pantyliner- but it was just that one time this morning?? I know it's still early at 11 DPO but my boobs have been full and killing me for the past few days, I've been exhausted yet somehow can't sleep at all, just totally off. I also started with little nausea on Saturday and it has gotten progressively worse every day. I am the type of person to get nauseous really easily so I'm hyper-aware of it and this is NOT my norm. I am typing this from the back porch because I was feeding the pets dinner and their food smells SO DISGUSTING to me I have my face in a cup of hot tea with lemon because I was dry heaving all over the kitchen. I try not to symptom spot but I really just feel funky and I feed the pets with no issue every day. However, if that was actually caused by pregnancy I would already have enough HCG to measure a BFP right?? Do you think this could be from the herbs I'm taking increasing my progesterone?

Has anyone else had symptoms BEFORE getting a BFP?? My period is due on Friday and it has (thankfully) become quite regular so I guess I'll know one way or the other soon enough! Not trying to give myself false hope after a year of negatives but just wanted to check & see! Would love to hear if you've had symptoms before a BFP... or if progesterone has made you feel like crap too