If you nursed into toddlerhood and worked out of the home, when did you stop pumping?

Lo2 is 17 months and still nursing, and I still pump 1x/day; she takes what I pump (only 2.5-3oz) for a bottle before her nap. I don't think she needs the milk to sleep, as at home she will fall asleep with dh without it, and I have a decent freezer stash anyway that means she could still take a bottle at nap for two weeks or so. I don't want to mess up my supply, but those 3 oz aren't that big anyway! Next week I have a workshop from 9-3 each day, so it'll be tricky to pump. I kind of want to take the opportunity to stop pumping...

With lo1, I stopped pumping regularly sometime around 1ish, but we had combo-fed so she took bottles of wcm still. We stopped bottles around 17m, and she still nursed until 22m. So, sort of comparable, but I really don't remember when I stopped pumping or how exactly I decided to stop.

I know it's probably time to stop pumping, but I just worry about it affecting my supply!