Didn't know if this would get better responses on the Diet/Fitness board or the Breastfeeding board, but, anyway...

With DD1, I didn't start trying to exercise until she was probably 6+ months old. I was nursing and pumping on the weekdays and nursing on the weekends, and I always saw a huge dip in supply when I worked out (everything from an exercise video to hot yoga--I know, hot yoga is super dehydrating and maybe not the best choice).

With DD2 (due later this month), I'd really like to do whatever I can to feel like I can BF AND work out in order to get "back to normal" a little sooner than I did with DD1. To be honest, I never really got to a happy place after she was born, because I kept not exercising due to the supply issues and then got pregnant with her sister before we weaned.

So, please tell me your tips and success stories for nursing and working out! Did you eat certain foods? Did you start exercising really early, while your supply was still regulating? Did you do specific types of exercise that didn't seem to affect supply? Thanks in advance!