I'm in Ohio and I heard our governor say this yesterday, but it only hit me now reading the headline:


If students only go to school 2 days a week with distance learning between who is going to watch our kids if we go back to work? Who is going to facilitate all this distance learning? Will I have to hire a babysitter? Will I have the ability to work from home still?

So may questions are up in the air. Realistically, I could probably get by with a combination of working from home, DH staying home with DS (though he provides no structure), and maybe my mom (if she can flex hours) or a babysitter.

Honestly, this is a huge crisis for working families that rely on school and before/aftercare programs. We have to stay in the workforce to make ends meet, and we've already made plans for how to make that happen - school is a big part of it! I really wish the federal government would step in and provide some real reasonable solutions to this child care crisis.