Hey there,
My husband and are not trying to conceived, but we did have sex a couple times last month without protection (and looking back I feel like it was a reckless decision). I feel terrified of being pregnant right now, with everything being on lockdown and everything being so uncertain. All that said, according to my period app, I’m supposedly a week away from my period. However, I’m not sure how accurate the predictions are on it since my periods have been kind of irregular. I just took a first response rapid result with afternoon urine and I see two lines. Are these tests prone to false positives? The lines appeared during the time frame and the second line has darkened since I first took the test (still faint, but clearly visible to me). I showed it to my husband thinking he would be in shock and that he would automatically see the line too, but he said it looks negative to him. He says he can’t see another line at all. Am I nuts? Does anyone else see this? I have another test I’m saving for tomorrow morning and more on the way in the mail just in case. It is stressing me out that I’m the only one who sees a second line. I really don’t even have to squint.