Every day I have a smoothie to be able to drink down my {disgusting tasting} Chinese herbs into something a bit more tolerable! Plus it is a way for me to add in more berries to my daily diet since both my acupuncturist and my RE suggested that to increase fertility! And, you know, it's just healthy to do ha.

I dissolve into hot water my Chinese herbs, Raspberry powder, Superfood powder mix of Acai, Goji, & Pomegrante, more of just Goji Powder, and my liquid multivitamin from Pink Stork. For the smoothie part I use whatever frozen fruit we have on hand- mostly blueberries, strawberries, & pineapple if it's around ovulation- a big tablespoon of Chia seeds, and some organic banana & a dollop of full-fat organic yogurt to help thicken it all up. I will occasionally add in a little bit of local honey as well.

So I am wondering if anyone has any favorite smoothie additions that you have found along the way?? I would love to know if there are any other must-have supplements or additions I'm missing out on. I would love to add some more greens in especially, but haven't been able to get some in consistently- I tried already frozen spinach and it was just too hard to break some off the block each time- so any tips on that would be awesome.

I'm actually drinking my smoothie right now ha, which is what made me think of asking for some outside insight & tips for you all! It doesn't have the greatest taste or texture in the world but it's still better than Chinese herbs on their own, let me tell ya! Yuck!

Thank you in advance