I'm looking for resources that would help my son gain some confidence around dogs and learn some basics about what to do when a dog approaches.

My six year old son is generally pretty fearless except when it comes to dogs. It started last year when we were playing with some other kids in a wide open area. DS ran to another location and their hearding dog tried to bring DS back to the fold. DS is typically fast but I could tell he was running for his life from this dog. We discussed what happened and DS logically knows the dog wasn't trying to hurt him but he has so much fear associated with it.

Today we were camping and an unleashed dog ran up to our picnic table while DS was sitting there alone. I was at the car not far away but far enough not to see it coming. The dog looked super friendly and just excited to play but DS started screaming and crying and tried to hide under the table which was not a great idea because that put him screaming in the dogs face. The dog couldn't hear it's owners call him back and I was concerned even this very friendly looking dog wouldn't react well to DS's unexpected reaction.

I'm not scared of (friendly) dogs but I'm allergic so I've never gotten super comfortable with them. I mainly want to give DS tools so he doesn't escalate the situation.