LO has severe reflux and I knew before getting him home from the NICU that feeding would be extremely stressful. We almost got a g-tube before coming home.

Some days are great. He eats like a champ. On others, he'll barely take over an ounce per feeding. He doesn't throw up often, but when he does it stresses me out even more because he needs the calories so badly!

He's currently averaging about 18 ounces a day on 22 calorie formula with 1/4 bm added (normal formula, BM is about 20 calories). He's eating 10 times a day (4 hours at night, 2 to 2 1/2 during the day) and taking a little under 2 ounces each time. He's still gaining weight, but a little slower than the ped would like. He's 9lb, 1oz, 8 weeks adjusted (9th percentile).

I would love to have a place to chat about how it's going. Anyone else having feeding issues?