I plan on doing Ferber (progressive waiting check ins) with my 13mo tonight. We’ve been working for the past week on fading interventions and she’s gone from needing to be pacifier-ed/rocked to sleep to just being held.

But she is still waking up at least twice a night and being awake for a LONG time. Also her naps can be very short (or she will wake up and want to be held for the rest of it).

I want to get her going down awake in hopes that it’ll reduce nighttime wakings. So we plan on starting Ferber tonight.

BUT here is my question: should we do it all night? Or just at bedtime to start? She isn’t night weaned. Would letting her cry to sleep and then feeding her mid-night make it worse? Should I feed her and then put her down awake? Should I just go for it all in one swoop?

I need some sleep tonight! And I’m anxious about another sleepless night.