Yesterday I found out that I am pregnant, or I should say I confirmed I was pregnant. I had been feeling a little off and decided just to take a pregnancy test.. Or six. And sure enough they all came back positive. I expected to be a little more emotional about it, but I guess at this point I am still in shock. I have been on birth control and didn't expect this to happen... I know I am not at a place in life where I feel I can give a baby all the things she/he deserves. I grew up with a single mother and so often felt alone and unloved. I'm afraid that I would give my child the same life (not saying that all single mothers make their little ones feel this way)
Abortion doesn't feel like an option to me, I am absolutely pro choice and believe that we should all be able to do what we want with our bodies, but it isn't a choice for me. So, I am choosing adoption.
I'm hoping that since this is my choice and mindset from the very beginning the process will be easier for me. Although I don't know that there is any easy way to go about this. I'm not sure how to tell anyone so I thought I would join a blog to get some support in any way I can. Well, that's all for now. I'm not sure I posted this the right way I guess I'm not that computer savy!