We have a part time sitter/nanny right now. She's been with us just shy of 1.5 years. For this school year, she has been coming over in the morning and working 7:30am-8:30am to get our girls dressed and walk them to school (school is 2 blocks away). Then she picks up at 2:30 and keeps both kids until 4:30. In total, she works about 15.5 hours a week.

Backstory: When we hired her, she was inexperienced as a nanny/babysitter and had a reference from just 1 family whose baby she sat for 1 day a week (that's how we met her--our former full time nanny knew her from playdates and when we were switching from full time to part time, she recommended our current sitter, who was looking for very part time).

Anyway, because of the young-and-inexperienced part, her previous family was paying her below what is common in our area, and also did not pay her for any hours she didn't work. So if she took a sick day or something, she wasn't paid.

So when we hired her, she disclosed that, and we bumped up her pay to the lower end of what the norm is in our town, and I do pay her for days she would normally work but I don't need her. But I don't pay her if she takes a day off. So I paid her for 5 days in November she didn't work (we were OOT), and will be paying her for 7 days over Christmas that I won't need her. I'm happy with how she takes care of the kids, but she does not do anything extra at all, and doesn't even do small things like clean the kids' lunch bowls and stuff after school. It's all waiting for me when I get home from work.

So now the question: for a young, slightly more experienced part time nanny/sitter who has been with us the last 1.5 years---what type of holiday gift/bonus do we give?

She's already getting paid vacay, around 3.5 weeks this year, which I think is unusual for a part time sitter in my town. Do I give her a 1 week's pay bonus? Just a big gift? A bonus and a small gift?