This is a rant, I apologize, but ....?????!???

I had a flu shot in November. Went out shopping last wed-Thursday, and got flu symptoms on Saturday (basically very sick with chills and aches). Was confirmed yesterday at an urgent care and now on tamiflu. They said I would pretty much feel like crap until the weekends. What???

Daycare is closed for 1.5 weeks and I was looking forward to spending time with LO. Instead husband basically quarantined me. I know he is doing the right thing, but I am beyond bummed!! I guess I should be thankful that both of them seems to be fine for now (LO does have a cough and didn't sleep well for the past 2 nights, but doesn't have a fever so I doubt it was the flu I got, or hopefully his vaccine matches up better than the one I got).

No point to this post, just a note to you all that this year's flu vaccine is not very effective so please stay healthy!