I'm due end of July and we are flying to Scotland in early October for a two week trip with our new little one. It's my husband's sister's wedding, he's throwing a stag party for one of his best friends, and of course LO gets to meet their grandparents from across the pond!

Not surprisingly I'm super anxious about it and we are trying to buy tickets this week. The prices don't seem be going down.

My question is this: Do you recommend flying on a red-eye overnight flight or during the day with a two month two week old?

My thoughts are that people may get more annoyed with a crying baby if they are trying to sleep and since babies don't have a concept of night and day at that point, why not try to fly during the day?

And does anyone have experience traveling internationally with a baby this young? Like how long did it take to get their passport after you sent off for it? How did BF on the plane go? Am I crazy?!?! Any tips worth mentioning?

Thank you!