My 6 month old has been dabbling with solids for the past month, and just really got the hang of food two weeks ago. We've been doing a modified baby led weaning approach (we use mesh feeders and will spoon feed him small bites of soft foods in public). Due to allergies, he can't have most baby foods. Pouches, puffs, melts, jars, and cereals are out.

He's been on three substantial meals a day for the past two weeks while daycare has been closed and he won't nap for me without having solids first. I'm afraid he won't take an afternoon nap at daycare because he will be waiting for lunch.

I'm trying to figure out if I should pack food for daycare, and if so, what. Maybe a mushy avocado or sweet potato? I'm fine if he doesn't have solids there, as long as he sleeps. What are you guys doing?