LO has some food issues we are working through.

She's 5 weeks old, and has had green poop for 3 weeks. I have a low supply, which makes food elimination hard (becasue my donor milk isn't allergen free). We've decided I will cut out allergens (1 at a time) until we figure it out, and supplement her with formula to cut out the potential reaction with donor milk.

With that said, I'm vegan (so, an already limited diet), and thinking about being gluten free + soy free seems daunting. I'm considering adding eggs into my diet, but I also wonder if that could cause more confusion when narrowing down her issues.

If your baby had dairy/soy/gluten intolerance, did they also have other sensitivities?

How long did it take you to narrow down the cause?

How long before they seemed normal again?

In our case LO is growing and seems happy. She just has green poop with mucous.