I am due with my first LO this month. I gained around 60 pounds with this pregnancy, despite logging food intake and getting good exercise. I have also struggled with very severe swelling and bloating, but my blood pressure is on the low side and all seems well otherwise with my other bloodwork.

My naturopath/acupuncturist recommended that I do the food allergy/intolerance blood panel, and I recently got my results back. She ran the Standard Food Panel for IgG antibodies.

My husband has expressed quite a bit of skepticism about this blood test and about whether I genuinely do have any food intolerance issues. He pulled up many, many articles stating that only IgE antibodies are clearly indicative of a food allergy or intolerance, and that the IgG isn't recommended for testing and that results about its accuracy are inconclusive and hazy at best.

Does anyone here have any insight into this issue? If I am inadvertently causing my body harm by eating some of the items I tested as being "highly reactive" to, I want to know so I can work on modifying my diet. If he is right that IgG isn't a good resource, I want to know that as well.

Any help is much appreciated!