I just had this sodium discussion with A friend of mine and I am a bit freaked out now.

Apparently (but none of our docs told us that), toddlers should be limited to 800mg of sodium a day. An adult limit is 2000 mg. Other than salt and soy sauce, Sodium is present in significant amounts in milk products , eggs and yogurt, and is present in all other foods. It is especially pronounced in cheese. Half a cup of milk has 80mg of sodium.

Exceeding recommended amounts of sodium can affect the kidneys, cause other cardiovascular diseases (including stroke) and other diseases like cancer and diabetes. It can also cause obesity in the future.

The thing is, I have been giving LO (14 months) a lot of cheese. He loves cheese sauce with his pasta, i make pizzas, and I pack a cheese stick for him everyday as part of the lunch. Shoot. How come none of our doctors/nutritionist tells us about the sodium intake limit? All they say is whatever you eat they eat????

Not sure I have a question but I am so freaked out right now I had to share. What do you think? The thing is now I also don't know what I am going to feed him down the road if we have to majorly cut down cheese.