My LO (2 years) has always been sensitive to temperate of foods. His bottles always had to be warm, he doesn't like any foods that are too hot or too cold (like ice cream). Lately though his aversion of things that are "too hot" has become very extreme. If he sees me blowing on his food or trying to cool it down he is very hesitant to eat it. If he touches it and it's warmer than he thinks it should be then he declares it "too hot" and refuses it. At this point anything above room temperate is "too hot." And it's started to extend to other non-food items. If he holds a crayon in his hand too long and it gets warm he says it's "hot" and starts to cry.

Has this every happened to anyone else? Any tips to help him get over it? I am afraid I scared him by trying to keep him away from the oven and legitimate "hot" things. To my knowledge he's never burned his tongue or actually eaten anything very hot.