My 9 month old seems to have an EXTREMELY sensitive gag reflex when eating anything other than purees. Whether it's a puff or a small amount of mashed potatoes he'll gag and throw up as soon as he starts to swallow it. I think it's a texture thing, not a problem with swallowing, but we are't going to get an OT evaluation done at this time. Does anyone have any food recommendations for how we can try to de-sensitize his gag reflex? He can swallow a puff once it gets soft enough and yesterday I mashed up an avocado and it was mostly ok as long as I gave it in small amounts (like 1/8 tsp).

One problem is that we are moving in a couple weeks and I already packed our blender and food processor and it's in storage at my inlaws, so I don't have the ability to make my own food right now if it requires more mashing than I can do with a fork.