So, we may be moving into the condo I posted about earlier. Yayyyy---a two bedroom!

We've also been talking about cloth diapering. We were both cloth diapered when we were babies (had disposables been invented yet?), and the new ones seem easy enough. But I do have some questions.

We'll have a washer/dryer in unit, but I keep reading about cloth diapers needing to be line-dryed. We'll have a small balcony, but I'm not sure if we're "allowed" to dry stuff out there on a line (HOA rules--I'll have to ask). Are CDs a no-go if I can't dry outside? Is that the only way stains come out?

DH also thinks it's "low class" to hang stuff there and says he wouldn't like it if lots of people started drying laundry on their balcones. But I'm thinking...if it's only the CDs, and only occasionally, for a couple hours, on a line that we hang up and put away after--then who cares?

Also--diaper sprayer. Is this necessary/nice? Any brands you'd recommend? Is it possible to have a diaper spray that is adjustable in strength, so it *could* be used as a bidet sprayer as well? In DH's culture, those are common, so we've always wanted to add one.

Thoughts? Advice?